A luggage storage service can be very useful if you use the TLV-TVM company to organize a cruise in the Golden Islands from La Tour Fondue pier, located on Giens Peninsula, on the French Riviera.

TLV-TVM is a shipping company organizing cruises to the following islands: Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant.

Using a luggage storage service before embarking on your cruise is very important.


Many tourists leave their luggage in their car before taking a boat from La Tour Fondue pier on Giens Peninsula, which is one of the points of departure of the boats and shuttles for the company TLV-TVM. Thefts are frequent in this region of the French Riviera and many vacationers have to face bad surprises when they return from their cruise to the Golden Islands.

The deposit of personal belongings, valuables, suitcases and handbags in a secured luggage room is a solution that can help you avoid a lot of inconveniences. If you do not want your holidays to be spoiled, it will certainly be reasonable to invest a few extra euros in a luggage storage service. This will allow you to be protected against thieves who want to steal your belongings. By having the certainty that all your luggage is kept in a safe place, you will be able to go on your cruise in peace, without any fear of possible thefts.

For all these reasons, Tilou Location has set up a luggage storage service. Tilou Location is a company that provides rental apartments of high standing on Giens Peninsula. Our apartments are located on an enclosed property, which is protected by video surveillance and equipped with remote control entry.


Our luggage storage service is intended for vacationers who rent an apartment at Tilou Location but also for all people wishing to take a cruise to the Golden Islands and using TLV-TVM, particularly from La Tour Fondue pier.

Tilou Location is a few minutes away by bike, car or bus from the pier. The nearest bus station is a two-minute walk away from our apartments.


Luggage storage service is open to the public, all year round

Prices are per piece of luggage and per day. For the deposit of big and large objects, please kindly notify us 1 hour in advance. 

> SMALL (suitcase, bag, watch, PC, etc.)                                 5.50 Euros  

> BIG (diving gear, kitesurf board, windsurf board, etc.)         15 Euros    

> LARGE (jet ski, trailer, etc.)                                                    25 Euros


luggage storage giens peninsula tlv-tvm


Our rental apartments on Giens Peninsula meet high-end criteria: all our accommodations are furnished, we provide housing management, our apartments have a private adjoining garden and an equipped kitchen, and you can use all the concierge services we have set up for our holiday-takers (organization of your stay, management of your transfers, delivery service to your resort (land and sea), service to boat owners, etc.).

Tilou Location apartments also have modern equipment, so that your stay in Giens can take place in the best conditions: pergola, microwave oven, oven and glass/ceramic hob, flat-screen TV, ventilation (to VMC standards), air conditioning/heating, tilt-and-turn window, mosquito nets on all windows, WiFi, parking, etc.

Our luggage storage service is open to the public, which includes the vacationers who are not residing at Tilou Location. You will be able to deposit with us any kind of object, for example your surf gear if you practice kitesurfing, fun boarding or windsurfing. If you want to organize a cruise to the Golden Islands (Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant) by using the services of TLV-TVM, you can safely deposit your belongings in our luggage storage area.


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