The city of Hyères is steeped in 2400 years of history. Hyères has been a top tourist destination and renowned winter spa since the 19th century; not to mention the highlights of its earlier history.

The city was frequented by the high society of European aristocracy. Many artists, writers and influential people stayed in the « City of Palm Trees », including Victor Hugo, Robert Louis Stevenson, Leo Tolstoy, and others.

The city is called Hyères-les-Palmiers by the municipality due to the 7,000 palm trees planted in the town.


Hyères was the cradle of horticultural growth in the French Riviera, famous for its acclimatization of exotic plants, such as palm trees and cactuses, imported by horticulturists from nurseries all over Europe. It has historically been a delight for botanical enthusiasts.

Hyères is the oldest seaside resort on the French Riviera. Today, the city hosts many events related to boating, photography, fashion, design, archaeology, music, and more. Hyères is highly appreciated for the mildness of its climate, its modernity, the kindness of its inhabitants, and the beauty of its landscapes.

In 2014, the French Ministry of Culture recognized Hyères as a « City of Art and History ». The Golden Islands (Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Bagaud, Le Petit Langoustier, etc.), the famous beaches (L’Almanarre, La Badine, La Bergerie), the numerous creeks and small ports, the paths, the salt marshes, The Salt Road, the tombolo of Giens Peninsula and the many forts of the region are the delight of many tourists, sightseers and hikers from around the world.


Hyères also attracts many surf enthusiasts. Giens Peninsula, located in the town of Hyères, is a hot spot for kitesurfing, funboarding and windsurfing. Giens and its surroundings offer beautiful spots that are popular among surf-lovers but also among top athletes. Today, Giens Peninsula is one of the ten essential kitesurf spots in France.

The greatest attraction of the city of Hyères remains the Giens Peninsula. Connected to the coast by a magnificent tombolo, it boasts many trails that offer beautiful walks. Splendid landscapes, a sea which is infinitely blue, aromas from the French Provence, and picturesque fauna and flora make the place a unique world wonder.

If you are planning a stay in Hyères, renting an apartment on the Giens Peninsula is a fantastic option. From Giens, you can hike on foot to view the landscapes, rent a bike to discover the region, or book a boat to explore the archipelago. The nearby La Tour Fondue pier offers an ideal starting point for island cruises.


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